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In cooperation with SmartHome Initiative Deutschland e.V., Global Fairs TT-Messe organizes the well-known Center of SmartBuilding at digitalBAU in Cologne - a subsidiary event of the world's largest BAU trade fair (Munich)

From February 11 to 13, 2020, the DigitalBau takes place in Cologne. At the trade fair, organized by Messe München and the Federal Association of Construction Software (BVBS), they presented themselves over 330 companies, there will be at least as many this year. As a kind of 'IT-driven subsidiary event'should DigitalBAU always take place in between the years of the world's largest trade fair for the construction industry, BAU in Munich every two years in Cologne, in order to strong digitization in construction to do justice better. Look forward to an extensive program: Discover the industry's expert forums and additional side events that will strengthen your company and brand in the long term.

Another highlight: For the first time, the digitalBAU Award awarded to promising start-ups. From concept to implementation: Software solutions have become an integral part of the construction industry. Because you the Make work easier, Enable cost savings, pay off quickly and can be implemented at any time. This makes them a prerequisite for efficient projects — especially as digital plan entry is becoming mandatory when awarding public contracts in more and more federal states. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has also long since developed from a nice-to-have to a must-have. What benefits everyone? More Planning security, cost transparency, time savings and consistent error prevention. Or in other words: minimized risks — and maximized efficiency.

The future of construction

Günther Ohland, CEO and founding member of the SmartHome Initiative Germany:

Die future Building is digital. The new Building Energy Act (GEG) 2024 requires the digitization of the building sector. This is how trades/systems must now”intelligently“and”communicative“be carried out. Energy consumption must be provided and monitored through monitoring. The Act introduces a Smart Readiness Indicator (SRI). This is an indicator of the building's ability to adapt operations to the use by residents/users. For the first time, a smart home or smart building is therefore mandatory in new buildings. This means that even market participants in the construction industry, who have not previously been interested in smart technologies, must now inform themselves so that they can use their legal obligations be able to comply. Visitors to digitalBAU include architects, engineers, city planners, investors, building contractors, processors from industry and trade as well as building technicians. They all need the help of smart home/smart building specialists. architects, engineers, city planners, investors, building contractors, processors from industry and trade as well as building technicians. They all need the help of smart home/smart building specialists.

The more demands on ease of use, building security and energy efficiency increase, the more essential digital solutions and the question of data security are. Are you looking for answers?
Welcome to the SmartHome joint stand and forum at digitalBAU in February (20-22.) in Cologne!

Facts & Figures

Positive prospects: 89% of exhibitors are planning to take part in the next digitalBAU again.

The proportion of foreign exhibitors was 14%. A total of 16 countries were represented. 72 start-ups presented their pioneering innovations and solutions.

Visitor figures:

A total of around 10,000 trade visitors from 41 countries were received. After Germany, the countries with the highest number of visitors were Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Visitor structure:

In terms of industry, architects and planners as well as engineers, service providers and tradesmen are the most frequently represented.

Satisfied visitors:

In the overall rating, 94% of visitors rated “excellent to good”.

First-hand industry trends:

digitalBAU sets standards in the accompanying forum program. At digitalBAU 2022, 130 speakers shared their concentrated expert knowledge with the specialist audience in 316 contributions to the supporting program over 3 days in a total of 5 forums.

More than 25 partners, including BVBS, World-Architects and C.FATH architecture communication, Bauverlag, Heinze, DGNB, planen-bauen 4.0, MDZ Bau, buildingSMART, will address current topics relating to the key topics of digitalBAU. In 2024, all participants can once again look forward to an excellent supporting program.


Your benefits
with a stand at the trade fair in the IFA Reseller Park:

Good position
on the exhibition grounds. This guarantees that you will be seen!
Networking Guarantee
Highly frequented networking B2B (to B2C) marketplace. Many retailers meet here!
Reusable complete exhibition construction and service package.
All-round carefree
Price includes everything except travel & hotel
Stands from 6 m² complete exhibition stand up to 150m² individual stand - everything is possible!
Sustainable and climate-friendly exhibition project.
Good for your image.
Stand buildings are (almost) 100% reusable (the rest can be recycled)
Delicious catering
Not just tasty: catering is prepared and organized as sustainably as possible.
(Over 90% vegetarian.)
Sustainability area
It houses a “refurbished zone” and “green tech” workshops.
Central platform
for exchange within the industry.
Effortless + sustainable
Business efficiency
Experience + trustable
Low fair risk

DigitalBau videos

Sustainable and climate-friendly exhibition projects

Not just since we were on the sidelines of IFA Berlin organized our “studio climate conferences” (including with Fridays for Future-Spokeswoman), an exhibition presence organized as sustainably and environmentally friendly as possible is our highest concern, because we know the Relevance of climate change in business and trade. (almost) 100% of our stand buildings can be reused, at least the rest can be recycled. The catering, for example in the Reseller Park at IFA for our 100+ exhibitors, is also prepared and organized as sustainably as possible (over 90% vegetarian). Our “Sustainability Area” houses the “Refurbished Zone” and the “Green Tech” area with workshops and presentations on green tech topics.

CONCLUSION: low expenditure — good return on investment = low measurement risk

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