View Reseller Park @ IFA Berlin 2024

October 20, 2023

IFA 2024 outlook - 2 anniversaries: 25 years of Reseller Park - 100 years of IFA!

Following the huge success of Reseller Park IFA 2023 with 110 exhibitors, the satisfaction of the participants was correspondingly high, almost all of whom would like to exhibit again at the Reseller Park for the 100th anniversary at IFA 2024. Numerous other companies have expressed interest in exhibitors or have already booked for 2024 — so that, due to space capacities, Reseller Park will fill out the entire Hall 25 with around 130-140 exhibitors from 2024 (IFA 2024 stand plan). There is also enough space here for another anniversary celebration: Reseller Park is celebrating its 25th anniversary — an event at which Global Fairs with its long-standing partners, such as the SmartHome Association and the IPT Trading Network, MobiHub with its focus on the new refurbishing market and some sponsors from the exhibitor sector, will also think of something very special to make the IFA Reseller Park a top European consumer electronics channel meeting in to manifest in a particular way. “In doing so, we will continue to focus on refurbishing, novel green tech products and smart home solutions — also with an extended sustainability conference program,” says Reseller Park founder and operator Jan Nintemann. In order to take account of the increased attractiveness, prospective exhibitors should not hesitate to book a stand at an early stage about the registration form to secure — especially when a preferred position is being targeted.